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that's it for "special report" tonight. i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. "special report" online with charlie and his angels starts right now. >> trace: this is the fox report. tonight, quiet in the streets and in the skies as israel and hamas reach a cease-fire agreement. 8 days of fighting now at a stand still. will the truce hold? >> this is a critical moment for the region. >> after more than a week of hamas rocket attacks and israeli military air strike. each side has agreed to lay down its weapons. but with clear. emotions and tensions high. violence in a region soaked with blood.
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plus. >> no delays. fingers crossed. tens of millions of americans jamming airports highways and plane stations on the busiest travel day of the year. and a division 3 sophomore crushes the ncaa scoring record. with 138 points in a single game. i'm trace gallagher in for shelter smith. we begin tonight with the cease-fire in the middle east. now, five ours old and officials on the ground say so far so good. in the past week, israel sent thousands of troops to the border with gaza and said they were ready to invade if hamas militants kept firing militants like these into israel hillary clinton flew to the middle east yesterday to prevent a ground war.
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she met with israeli and minutian leaders and with egypt's president who led the negotiations. she did not meet with hamas leaders because the u.s. does not deal directly with the militant group. so gint acted as a go-between. today, second clinton announced they had a deal. >> the united states will with partners across the region to consolidate this progress, improve conditions for the people of gaza, provide security for the people of israel. >> tonight, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he will consider more severe military action if the cease-fire does not last. we have team fox coverage. david lee miller live inside southern israel but first to steve harrigan. he is live tonight in caro. what are the terms of the deal exactly? >> trace, three basic points coming out of this cease-fire agreement. first a cessation of hostilities on all sides.
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for israel that means they will no longer target members of hamas. for hamas it means they will no longer fire rockets into israel. second. a cooling off period of 24 hours. this will be a closely watch period to see whether this 8 days of violence has actually stopped. and finally the most controversial part, an easing of the restrictions on the borders with gaza. now, hamas officials have come out and said those borders will be open. if you look at the language of the agreement it's a lot less clear than that. it looks like more negotiation on these borders while they will be loosened, exactly how loose they will will get, not clear yet, trace? >> it appears from all sides, steve, that egypt was really the key player in these negotiations? >> certainly some big question marks about egypt's new president. mohammed morsi, a long time member of the muslim brotherhood here in egypt and openly sympathetic to hamas which, of course, the u.s. considers a terrorist organization. and, yet, right now he is receiving high praise from
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u.s. officials for his mediation of this conflict. here is what secretary of state hillary clinton had to say. this is a critical moment for the region. government is assuming the responsibility and leadership that has long made this country a corner stone of regional stability and peace. notoriously fragile after eight dayings of fighting. the next 24 hours will be closely watched to see whether this truce has a chance. trace? >> steve harrigan live in what is now early morning live in cairo, egypt. the white house says president obama called israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and egyptian president mohammed morsi today. the president thanked them for working out a cease-fire deal but also said it's important to keep working on a more durable solution. a live update from the white house coming up on "the fox
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report." well, tonight, witnesses say the only bullets flying in gaza are shots of celebration. crowds in cars froogd the streets of gaza city after the announcement. earlier today before the deal was done, there was new violence on both sides of the border. team fox coverage continues. david lee miller live in southern israel. david lee, it sounds like the cease-fire is holding at least for now. that's right. trace. it's a little more than five hours since the cease-fire got underway. it is quiet along the border except for the occasional southbound overhead of israeli drones. the scene there very different than hours ago when the cease-fire was announced. there was a barrage of rockets fired into israel. when it took effect, there was a heavy trickle if you will will of rockets. as many as one dozen. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is saying that depending on the outcome of the truce, israel is still
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going to consider the possibility of military action. >> i know there are citizens expecting a more severe military action and perhaps we shall need to do so. but at this time the right thing for israel is to use this opportunity to achieve a long lasting cease-fire. >> the israeli prime minister said that he and president obama are going to work together to prevent smuggling of weapons into gaza. trace? >> so all quiet now david lee but earlier violence almost derailed this deal. >> that's right. something happened today has not taken place in this country since 2006. in tel aviv there was a bus bombing. this is not the work of a suicide bomber. but rather someone who is still being sought who entered the bus and then tossed an explosive device, as many as two dozen israelis were hurt. now, hamas has not claimed
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responsibility for this blast. but the supporters of the organization rejoiced when they heard about the explosion. it could have caused the peace process to fail and to derail the truce. however, it did not become a casualty. trace? >> david lee, i know it's early morning there now. but are things beginning to get back to normal? >> not just yet. not far from where i'm standing along the border, israeli reservist, tanks, troops, equipment is still in place. this was equipment that was originally brought here if needed for a ground incursion. the ambulance service in israel is still on a high state of alert. and another indication that life has not returned to normal here, trace is, that schools within 30 miles of the gaza border in israel are going to remain closed for another day to see if this truce is, in fact, the real thing. back to you. >> a tenuous truce fire, david lee miller on the ground for us in israel. david lee, thank you. despite the cease-fire, three u.s. navy assault ships are
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standing by in case americans need to be evacuated from the region. the u.s. iwo jima, uss new york. and uss gun stan hall were headed home to new york folk, virginia when the fighting broke out between israel and hamas involved gaza. they are now stationed off the coast of israel near the greek island of crete. well, u.n. ambassador susan rice just answered questions for the first time about her comments about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. and she is responding to republic lawmakers who say that she is not qualified to be secretary of state. that's coming up on "the fox report." black friday's here. do you think walmart can get you a great deal on the items you want? i don't know! let's go see. vizio 60" smart led for $688. that's a $310 savings. that is amazing! the first and only place to shop this black friday. savings start at 8pm thursday, more electronics at 10pm. walmart. you can stay in and share something...
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>> trace: continue to serve warrants in deadly explosion in indianapolis. now they need to demolish more than two dozen homes damaged in that blast. they also say they will probably level four additional
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how fasts but only after police investigate them. among those homes, the one they say blew up. and the house next door where a second grade teacher and her husband died. investigators say the november 10th blast was not an accident but a homicide. they have not yet made any arrests but cops are reportedly focusing on a couple who lives in the home that exploded. well police in new york city say they have their man in the shooting deaths of three new york city shop keepers. and now a door-to-door clothing salesman is facing multiple murder charges in what many fevered was the work of a serial killer. police arrested the man you see in this surveillance video for the killings of the brooklyn store owners over the last few months. investigators say the locations of the shop foreman's eequal lateral triangle four miles apart with addresses that contain the number 8. cops say they recovered a sawed off .22 caliber rifle in
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a duffle bag owned by the suspect and the gun matches shell casings found at the crime scenes. the nypd says the suspect's fingerprints were also on the murder weapon. so far investigators say the motive there is not clear. and a fox urgent now. for the first time tonight, united nations ambassador susan rice is fighting back against her critics. first the back story here. she went on five sunday morning talk shows days after the attack on the consulate in benghazi that killed our ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. and said it was due to anger over that film insulting islam. we now know that was wrong. u.s. officials acknowledged it was a coordinated terror attack. republic lawmakers said ambassador rice was either deliberately misleading or quote incompetent. just minutes ago she spoke at the u.n. and took those critics to task. listen. >> when discussing the attacks
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against our facilities in benghazi, i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary and that our investigations would give us the definitive answers. everyone, particularly the intelligence community, has worked in good faith to provide the best assessment based on the information available. >> last week republic lawmakers pushed back word that the white house was eyeing ambassador rice to be the next secretary of state. they said what she said on those sunday morning shows makes her unfit for the job. catherine herridge in d.c. she mentioned one of her biggest critics by name. >> she did, trace. ambassador rice making an offer to senator john mccain. >> let me be very clear, i have great respect for senator mccain and his service to our country. i always have. and i always will.
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i do think that some of the statements he made about me have been unfounded, but i look forward to having the opportunity at the appropriate time to discuss all of this with him. >> earlier today, senator mccain weighing in on the administration's inconsistent public statements on the benghazi terrorist attack. the statement from senator mccain reads in part this latest episode is another reason why system of us are so suspicious of this the actions of this administration when it comes to the benghazi attack. the senator has said he will push back against rice's promotion, so have other senators along with 97 members of the house and all of them are republic, trace. >> trace: catherine, the republicans are still hammering away on this issue, right? >> they are. lindsey graham charges that the obama administration has failed to respond to at least a dozen congressional letters adding that the obama white house was keen on the obama raid and should offer the same transparency on benghazi. unfair to the american people and the families of the victims of the benghazi attack to not provide the same level
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of defailed facts in an accounting for what i consider a major national security failure. on thursday last week, a classified section. fox news told that james clapper hid of the u.s. intelligence community was definite. his team did not make controversial changes to the talking points used by ambassador susan rice. critics say the changes like taking out the word at divide played down the terrorism angle. on tuesday this week in a total reversal. clapper's office says they were responsible for the changes. >> i think clapper has to say and has to say publicly whether he advocated the youtube video theory, whether he pressed it on the white house and others in the intelligence community, and, if so, did he do that at the direction of the white house? >> democrats accused the republicans of politicizing this issue, arguing that the changes made to the talking points used by ambassador rice, those changes were made simply for reasons to protect classified information, trace. >> trace: and catherine, what do we make of the timing here?
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>> the timing is very important. in the last week we have had several major events in this story. we had the classified briefings on capitol hill last week where the nation's top intelligence official told lawmakers that he didn't know who was responsible for these changes and that the changes were not made in the intelligence community. they were made after the document left the intelligence community. then this week we have a total reversal, is a spokesman for james clapper saying that, in fact, the substantive changes so the big changes in the document were made by the intelligence community. then, less than 24 hours later, we have these first public statements from ambassador susan rice where she says i just used the information that i was given by the intelligence community and they have essentially taken the blame for any mistakes in those documents. and then the final point is that all of this goes down on a holiday weekend when many americans are not paying attention to the media. >> americans on the road. catherine herridge live for us in d.c.
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catherine, thank you. a bunch of huge union battles playing out across the country. in one of them a judge making a big decision on hostess. and it could mean no more twinkies. and for thousands and thousands of americans, no more jobs. that's as airport workers picket outside a major u.s. airport adding to the fliers' headaches as one of the busiest travel days of the year goes on. plus, threats of a walkout at wal-mart on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. what that could mean for bargain hunters on black friday. that's next.
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continue operations, nor to ride out an extended labor stoppage. now 18,000 workers are expected to lose their jobs over the next few months that could mean no more treats for the rest of us. rich edson is live for us in washington with more. what's next for hostess? >> closing up shop, shutting down dozens of bakeries. hundreds of distribution centers and outlelt stores and thousands of delivery routes over the next year. in order to do that the company says it will keep about 3200 workers initially. cutting but all 5% of workforce. from hid investors can bid on investors of the company.
4:23 pm
twinkies, wonder bread and other products may be back on store shelves. >> only a few hours will in the start of the holiday shopping season wal-mart is having labor problems as well. >> picketers are protesting pay and benefits of the country's largest employer. the company has filed a complaint with the government claiming these pickets amount to illegal attempts to intimidate and unionize its workers. wal-mart wants these protests stopped and the national labor relations board is handling the complaint and says the legal issues are complex, the office of general council does not expect to make a decision this week on whether or not to seek injunction to stop the activity. meaning the wal-mart picketing continues through the open of the holiday shopping season. the end of hostess could also spell death forever the coveted state fair deep fried twinkies. if you have never eaten one. deep fried in oil sprinkled
4:24 pm
with powdered sugar topping on there. the guy who introduced them to iowa says he sells about 7,000 each year. he hopes another buyer will come around and buy the twinkie brand so that he won't have to use a, quote, knockoff cream filled sponge cake. well, dramatic turn of events for congressman jesse jackson jr. after months out of the public eye. today he resigned. and for the first time acknowledged that he is the subject of a federal investigation. a live report on that is next. plus, a couple months ago president obama said he could not call egypt an ally tonight he is praising the egyptian president for a cease-fire in the middle east. we will look at where things stand with a crucial partner. plus. [cheers] >> it's up to egypt to keep the peace between hamas and israel. but now egyptian leaders are dealing with violence in their
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own country. that's coming up on "the fox report" with free giveaways to the first 100 customers each day, hourly prize drawings plus you can get back up to $100 in bonus bass bucks with purchase. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery.
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>> shepard: night vision cameras fending off a pack of wolves. top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. ch wildlife protection team caught the scene unfolding in intermongolia. you can see several wolves try to sneak up on a maher and a
4:29 pm
fold that tried to sneak from the heard. stallian charged forcing the wolves to retreat. new zealand. a volcano on the north island erupted for a second time in four months spewing ash nearly two miles into the sky. authorities cancelled some flights in the region. local media reports students hiking at the base of the mountain escaped unhurt. japan. a jewelry company in tokyo marking its 120th year with a pure gold christmas tree decorated with dozens of golden disney characters. the jeweler created the 8-foot tall $4 million tree in collaboration with the walt disney company now celebrating the 110th anniversary of walt's birth. mexico, folks from around the globe gathered for an international hot air balloon festival in a central city. balloons shaped like befers, butterflies even elvis filled
4:30 pm
the sky. organizers say the festival has attracted some 2 million people in its 11 year history. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. this is "the fox report." they are celebrating in gaza tonight after israel and hamas agreed to a cease-fire. secretary of state hillary clinton went to the middle east to help negotiate the deal and the white house says president obama personally encouraged israel's prime minister to accept it. ed henry is live for us at the white house. ed, it looks like the president and prime minister are working pretty closely on this. >> that's right. the president trying to nudge this along if you will, this cease-fire that's holding at least for now. the bottom line is he has not always had a great relationship with the israeli prime minister.
4:31 pm
but sort of his approach here has been carrot and stick. in this case with the israeli prime minister a carrot being putting more u.s. aid on the table. specifically after this phone call with the prime minister today, the white house saying in a press release, quote: the president said that he was committed to seeking additional funding for iron dome and other u.s.-israel missile defense programs. the bottom line is that is the key here because, as you know, iron dome has been what has been enabling israel to defend itself with all these rockets from gaza raining down. so the promise of even more u.s. aid to grow that system was a big sweetner here to get the prime minister along, trace. >> trace: ed, the president has a complicated relationship with the new egyptian president. >> that's right. president morsey, a member of the muslim brotherhood. there has been lot of weariness about his leadership. bottom line, you will remember a couple of months ago during the campaign, the president said that he wasn't sure if egypt was now an ally.
4:32 pm
you see secretary clinton was there today though sitting down with president morsey. he has been an important part of getting us to this point. showing some leadership so far though republicans like lindsey graham have trend to cut off u.s. aid to egypt unless he steps up even more. today senator graham, two others republicans said -- put out this tough statement saying, quote: we urge president morsey to act swiftly to stop the smuggling of weapons to gaza sinai toll sovereignty stability and national security. what they are talking about there is the fact that iran has been spreading weapons to hamas. then those weapons rained down on israel. in order to get to hamas, they have to go through egypt. what republicans are the hill are doing is trying to put even more pressure on president morsey to say okay you have taken one step here to try to forge a little bit of peace but now cut off those weapons, trace. >> trace: ed henry live for us at the white house. thank you. the nation that helped broker the cease-fire between israel and hamas dealing with some
4:33 pm
problems of its own. [explosion] protest iters in cairo fire bombed the studio of the broadcaster al jazeera and attacked a police chief who tried to negotiate an end to the violence. the rallies began monday, which marked one year since deadly violence between the military and demonstrators left dozens of people dead. many want the new egyptian president mohammed morsi to hold security officers accountable for those killings. >> jesse jackson jr. resigned today amid ongoing mental health issues and a federal investigation into potential misuse of campaign funds. of course, the congressman is the son of the famed civil rights activist jesse jackson. earlier this month, he easily won re-election for a ninth term to the house of representatives. despite the fact that he essentially disappeared in
4:34 pm
june. since then, he has been in and out of the mayo clinic receiving treatment for bipolar disorder and gastrointestinal issues. the congressman mentioned those health problems in the letter of resignation that he submitted today to house speaker john boehner's office. but he also wrote, quoting here: i am aware of the ongoing federal investigation into my activities and i am doing my best to address the situation sonsably, cooperate with the investigators and accept responsibility for my mistakes for they are my mistakes and mine alone. mike tobin is live for us in chicago with more. mike, did this come as a shock to anyone? >> no. for the reasons you just mentioned, no one was surprised that the congressman stepped down. in fact it was a question of when it would happen. however, fellow politicians and friends here in chicago were quick to jump to the congressman's defense and say his resignation is not an admission of guilt. >> he hasn't been indicted. he hasn't been charged.
4:35 pm
he hasn't been convicted of any law -- breach of the law, none at all. all right. some would argue that if he really wanted to cut a deal, you stay in congress and negotiate from a position of power. some would argue that. >> the most prominent allegations reported against jackson are that he skimmed campaign cash to remodel his house and buy expensive jewelry for a mistress. trace? >> trace: and what happens now, mike? >> according to the cook county clerk davidor there is not enough time for a special election prior to the session with the new congress in january. the earliest you could have a special election would be february. trace? >> mike tobin live for us in chicago. mike, thank you. it's been more than three weeks since hurricane sandy slammed the east coast. thousands of families are heading into thanksgiving without a way to cook that turkey. because they still don't have
4:36 pm
power. the latest numbers from the long island power authority report more than 30,000 customers still in the dark. utility companies say the power grids are mostly back to normal but individual houses still need repairs. but many people don't have to go hungry on turkey day thanks to a huge outpouring of help. one charity organizener new jersey says more than 400 people offered to have sandy victims over for thanksgiving dinner. and there are food distribution stations all over the city. eric shawn is live for us in seagate. what's the situation like where you are? >> yeah, trace. many people are thankful and thinking about turkey and the trimmings tomorrow. in coney island they are just happy with the basics like toilet paper and paper towels. they are relying on aid. aid from the city of new york for their food. distribution centers are handing out food and been doing that for the last three weeks. 3,000 people a day line up because the supermarkets are still closed. for them, it's their lifeline.
4:37 pm
>> the supermarket is running out of a lot of things. toilet tissue, water. they are in need of things. so people are still, you know, filling in. >> i thank god for charity. helping people because they didn't have to do this. so, i'm thankful for it. >> here in seagate tonight, some are calling the federal government to do more. they say that the army corps of corps of engineers, for example, built up the jetties and bulk heads. the severity of the damage behind me that wouldn't have happened and they certainly don't want it to happen again, trace. >> trace: eric, do we have an idea how long the relief effort might last? >> yeah, certainly last through the next week until the supermarkets get their power up. take a look at this. tomorrow the city will distribute 29500 turkey dinners around new york. including the butter balls, the apple pies and can berry sauce. even with the hardships here tonight say they can still count their blessings, trace.
4:38 pm
>> live for us in brooklyn, thank you. commuters in new york city hoping to get home for thanksgiving got hit with another travel headache tonight. it came just as things were starting to get back to normal in the wake of super storm sandy. and they are not the only ones with a tough go. details on turkey day travel coming up. plus, take a live look outside fox news headquarters in new york. the macy's thanksgiving parade set to take its new route right down sixth avenue tomorrow morning. the holiday first alert forecast from the fox weather center is just ahead. r their an. that's double miles you can actually use. tragically, their ddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use. [ cheering ] any flight, anytime. the scoreboard doesn't lie. what's in your wallet? hut!
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i have me on my fantasy team.
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tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? a fox urgent now and it's been chaos outside new york city penn station in the last couple of hours. thousands of commuters stuck and signal problems stopped all trains in and out of our nation's busiest station. the long island railroad. new jersey transit and amtrak august ground to a halt. just as this broadcast got
4:42 pm
underway. the railroads announced that crews had restored some limited service. of course, this all comes as thousands of folks are headed in and out of town for thanksgiving. and just three weeks after super storm sandy reekd havoc on rail systems in and around the area. rough day for many travelers as millions of american families prepared to hit the road for the holiday. according to rip a.a.a. 44 million people are headed somewhere this week that is slightly up from the past few years during the recession, of course. 90% of those folks plan to drive. only 7% say they will fly. and airlines are cutting cost and have cut back on the number of available flights. they say that's causing a jump in ticket prices. , those folks sitting in cars. average price for a regular gallon of gas is $3.43. a.a.a. estimates that price will drop a bit but still
4:43 pm
could top or match last thanksgiving's record high. steve brown is live in chicago o'hare international airport. traditionally the busiest airport around thanksgiving. we say it's the busiest, steve, it was slow going this morning. >> it was. the airline industry has slimed down so much. eliminated so many flights that a single weather event can cause all sorts of havoc in a single day. that's what we have this morning. we had fog this morning at two airports. two pivot toll ones. chicago o'hare and chicago midway. the translation was throughout the region, it turned into a long, difficult day. >> it was very frustrating it was a long drive over here from cedar rapids. you know, and we got a phone call that the flight was, you know, we called and they said all the flights were on and to come here and realize the flights are all cancelled we have to fly out tomorrow. we will try to make the most of it. >> now, we have seen a lot of flights come in later. one of the worst exramples examples we saw and
4:44 pm
unfortunately this american airlines flight supposed to come from richmond to chicago o'hare land at just about 1:00 it's scheduled in at 7:30. six and a half hours extra travel time the day before thanksgiving, trace. >> that's a rough preturkey day. airline ticket prices also kind of bumping up a little bit as well, steve. >> >> yeah. it's the supply/demand thing. again, because airlines have slimed back and price prices going up. if you are looking for big boost hold on to your wallet that's the next big holiday. >> over thanksgiving prices were relatively flat compared to thanksgiving of 2011 where we do see a little bit of a jump is when we get to christmas. we are seeing airfare prices on average 8% higher than we saw last christmas. >> and for the biggest block of folks traveling this holiday season by car gasoline prices while having gone down this month are 8 cents higher last month according to a.a.a. than they were this thyme last
4:45 pm
year. more expensive to make this trip and people are making shorter trips on average 120 miles less in distance. trace? >> trace: steve brown just filled with good news at chicago's o'hare international airport. steve, thank you. >> sorry. >> well, most travelers across the country had good weather today. and now as millions of americans settle in for thanksgiving festivities. the focus shifts to tomorrow's weather and what to expect in the days ahead. the chief meteorologist. >> rick: mouth is live in the fox weather center with the holiday first alert forecast. rick? >> trace, i will bring you the good news this time. okay. looking good. 60's all across parts of the plains and evening before thanksgiving. really unheard of. very warm temperatures. in fact, we broke a lot of high records today. the only problem we have is out across parts of the west where you have some rain and some snow. i want to take us through tomorrow. this is the future radar tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. took all the cities off here because i want to show you what's going on. nothing going on really for most of the day by noon everything fine, maybe a little bit of a light shower across parts of texas. the thing we start to see by
4:46 pm
tomorrow night slow moving in across parts of minnesota and minneapolis. much colder air will get here by friday and saturday. here are your friday shopping. 28 degrees in minneapolis. still nice out ahead of this cold front. it's a potent cold front aat least with a lot of cold air behind it do expect do see temperatures blum met. bismarck north dakota friday. 26. very nice down across parts of the south. none of these are big travel problems. people are traveling back home in friday. saturday. trace? >> rick reichmuth live for us in the fox weather center. thank you. former boxing champion hector clinging to life tonight after gunmen shot him in the face last night. according to doctors, the prognosis here is not good. he won several titles in the 80's and 90's police say he was shot while sitting in a ford mustang outside a bar in his hometown near san juan
4:47 pm
puerto rico. suspects in an suv reportedly opened fire and sped off. medics rushed the 50-year-old box tore a nearby hospital. doctors had initially expected him to survive but they now say his condition was worsened and his family is now said to be weighing whether to take him off of life support. well, parents seem to have no problem poniying up the dough when it comes to their kids' sports. now some folks say the pressure is getting to the kids. and making what is supposed to be a game into pure business. plus, a college basketball player destroyed his competition along with the national record. but it was far from a perfect day on the court. that story is next. most impressive technology often comes with a set of equally impressive instructions ? shouldn't something that's truly advanced, not need much explanation at all ?
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with the nokia lumia 822 on verizon, there's not much to learn because it's powered by windows... to let you do more than you ever imagined on your smartphone. exclusively with data sense-- a feature that makes the most of your plan. only on verizon.
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>> trace: finishing touch of the one world trade center tower is heading to new york. the barge is caring the speier that will top the skyscraper. the barge left canada last week it should arrive next week. the expire is in 18 pieces right now. this san artist rendering of what it will look like when it takes its place atop of the tower. officials say it should take three months to install depending on the weather, of course. well, dreams of college scholarships are pushing parents to spend more on children's sports. critics say all that pressure is causing kids to burn out at a younger age. parents reportedly shell out thousands of dollars on sports equipment and travel teams every year. don't i know it? and with the schools now recruiting kids as young as 12. experts say competition in youth sports has never been so intense. dan springer with the news. is he live in our seattle
4:52 pm
newsroom. dan? >> yeah, trace. youth sports are sadly moving away from being just about kids having fun or getting more professionalized all the time. networks now broadcasting high school games, football and basketball especially. in allen, texas, they built an 18,000 seat, 60-million-dollar high school stadium, that is more than $700 per resident. but that is nothing compared to what parents are paying. a club volleyball team here in seattle cost $9,000. premier soccer teams can run that much when you add in all the travel costs. baseball ask s. a year around sport. aau basketball has auto thousand teams playing all over the country can w. kids as young as 8 years old and coaches making money. >> certainly they are being professionalized. when you bring in paid coaches. paying a lot of money for your son or daughter to play in these sports. there is an aspect of professionalization about it. >> and how about paying $300 for a bat that lasts one year
4:53 pm
or specialized training. more parents are doing it in hopes of getting that college scholarship. and occasionally it works. the university of washington accepted a verbal commitment from a corner back who was 12 years old. >> they will spend that extra money that they couldn't spend going out to dinner for their son or daughter to have fun and play a sport. >> the problem is too many kids fun is being drained by the to win make mom and dad's investment to play off. >> dan springer who has four of his own kids he forgot to mention that live in seattle. thank you. talk about a competitive college. a college basketball player dropped, in are you ready for this? 138 points in last night's game. 138. jack taylor of tiny grenell college in iowa shattered the previous ncaa record. the sophomore says he had been in kind of a slump. so he kept shooting and eventually he found his rhythm. listen. >> i think i was just in a mental state to where i was
4:54 pm
just focused on scoring and nothing else really mattered and felt like anything i threw up, whether it was, you know, off balance or fading away, it went in. >> it went in. to be fair, not every shot was successful. in fact, he made fewer than half of his 108 attempts. well, a new school that specializes in the art of the mascot. said to be the first of its kind. it might actually be a pretty good investment. that's next. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing.
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4:58 pm
competitive online vote. and, once again, nate silver completely nailed it. [gobbling] >> cop bler won the honor by getting more like then gobbler. both turkeys will go to live at mt. vernon which is tradition. a school in japan takes the term building character to a whole new level. dozens of students are suiting up in the classroom at the country's first and only mascot school in tokyo where the mascot business is reportedly booming. the school's founder is a 20 year veteran mascot and says getting into costume is not child's play. it's 26 bucks a class to learn proper walking and dancing techniques. well, updating some of our top stories tonight. the six hour old cease-fire between israel and hamas appears to be holding after a week of attacks killed more than 160 people. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice
4:59 pm
defending her initial account of the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. ambassador rice said she was only going off information from the intelligence community. and on this day in 1985, the feds arrested an american on charges of spying for israel. according to prosecutors, naval intelligence analysts jonathan j. pollard stole an estimated 1 million documents including classified intelligence on the mideast and the soviet union all for about $50,000 in cash and some jewelry. a former investigator said the material contained some of our nation's closest guarded secrets. he confessed and was sentenced to life in prison. israeli leaders are still lobbying for his release but the feds busted a spy for an ally 27 years ago today. and that is the fox report for wednesday, november 21st, 2012. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. a programming note before we go. at 9:00 p.m. eastern

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